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Attention, please!

Posted: December 19, 2011 in A little about me
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Clearly no one likes being rejected. No one likes being the only one not in the thick of things, or being made to feel like they are a waste of space and time. Particularly not me.

I found an old diary this morning, dating back to my difficult teenage years, when rejection from friends and family and school often seemed to be the order of the day. At the time I had no idea what was wrong with my or why no one seemed to like me. It just seemed to happen. But looking back now, it seems impossible that I didn’t understand why. I was so wrapped up in my self and my own world and my own problems, that I wouldn’t have wanted to hang out with me.

But I was staggered at the number of cries for help that there were – actions blatantly calling for attention so much that the school learned just to ignore it, rather than listening properly and trying to help. Some people tried, but there was just such a great wall up by then, that the situation just got worse and worse.

How many times do we ignore the people who are just a bit irritating, or boring, or we just don’t like? How much do we reject someone’s need for attention simply because they are demanding attention. Sometimes, the dramatic can be a means of expression in itself.

So it is now too late for me. I now know how to get the attention I need from the people I need it from in a way that is constructive and helpful. It is mostly by saying “I need help now”, or “This is a real struggle at the moment” or ” please would you pray for me” or something like that. The dramatic didn’t really get me anywhere. But I think I know now to listen more to those who need help. And I also know now, that even if people don’t listen, God does.