A Meditation

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Hope
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vague trigger alert…broken glass

From Pearl Beyond Price: The Attractive Jesus by David Day, Zondervan, p. 105

For this you need to close your eyes and take a journey of imagination.
You’re in a kind of workshop. It’s for making stained-glass windows. All around you are designs for windows and areas where glass is being measured and cut.
On the table in front of you lie pieces of broken glass. All kinds of colours. Sharp edged.
Christ is standing at your side. It is his workshop.
He says, ‘These are your hurts, your griefs; these are the pains you feel, each one a splinter of broken glass.’
Even here in the presence of Christ you can hardly bear to touch them. They have cut you too deeply in the past.
But you recognise each piece. Gently, Christ asks you to name them.
Tell him where it hurts. And why. And who.
He is listening. Now he takes each piece and begins to arrange them on the table. Fitting them together. Making a pattern for a new window – taking your hurt and shaping it into something beautiful.

I know it isn’t always that simple. But sometimes this is still true. Actually, it is heresy to say it isn’t always true. It’s just that we don’t always want to know. Or we don’t like the beauty that has been created. Or we throw it back on the floor to shatter into a million pieces again. Or sometimes that process just takes a very long time.

Pearl Beyond Price is a great book and well worth a read.



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