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At the swimming pool

Posted: September 12, 2012 in body stuff
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Today I went swimming. Yes, it was part of an attempt to exercise in a semi-healthy way, to try to get my body to lose some of the excess fat it has been carrying around recently. Sadly, that fat doesn’t seem to have got the hint yet.

Anyway, I did my sixty lengths (in a shorter pool, don’t worry) and climbed out. I was just at the point of getting dressed again in the changing room when a young girl came in. She was a character, let me tell you. She didn’t stop talking from the moment she came in (without parent) and proceeded to ask me lots of questions.

“Why did you put that on?” (deodrant, that is). “So I don’t smell.” “You don’t smell” (oh, thanks!) “Well, that’s because I put that on”…

It went on.

“Why are you getting dressed like that?” I realised I was dressing covering myself up as much as possible, with my towel over my costume under all my clothes.

Good question, really. Partly I guess it is habit, back from those teenage years. But partly, I’m just not ready to show off all my (many) lumps and bumps, especially to a seven year old audience. I’m not ready to be vulnerable. I want to hide. Even somewhere like the changing rooms where it feels that people around me are all naked I can’t do it.

But even that feeble attempt to hide was spotted. The contrast between me and her was enormous, as she was dancing about and throwing her clothes everywhere.

Then the conversation moved on. “I didn’t know you liked green” (as I put on my green trousers) Oddly enough, as we’d only met five minutes before, it hadn’t been top of our conversation list.

Then thankfully, someone else came in. The little girl then asked everyone their names, and discovered that everyone else’s except mine began with an H. “Why don’t you change your name? You could be Harriet!”

Maybe that should go on my list of priorities?