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So, someone asked me earlier if I would be up for talking at their church youth group about some of my story and my issues, in the hope that it might help people see that self-harm, depression and self-image problems are widespread and not the elephant in the room that no one talks about.

And that then got me thinking – how do you think people should respond to self harm? Should it be an easy topic of conversation, or not? Should everyone know about it, or would that then encourage others to follow suit? How do you even go about telling someone that you have self-harmed?

Some of these have gone so wrong for me. I didn’t talk about it enough with one friend to the extent that she thought scissors would make a good birthday present. Others have been determined to fix things, or have told me how I should feel. But some have been brilliant.

So, I am interested to know – what has your experience been?

testing testing

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just trying a new linking my account to twitter thing. it may not work. just a warning…

A bad day??

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So, having a day when everything feels a little like the above. A day when it seems like everything (even the weather) is against me. Faced with my own company and a to-do list, and quite frankly it is boring. Hence, finding interesting videos.

Think I might try to be creative later – see if that helps remove me from my pit. And in the meantime, I had a little chuckle.