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getting better (take 2)?

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Hope
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Two words. Antidepressants suck. Or is that 3?

So they are rubbish when you go on them. They are rubbish when you try to go off them. And then suddenly, you realise that they might have been doing something after all… Maybe.

But still, part of the journey.

getting better?

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Hope
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So…a post about bird poo. Does that maybe suggest a more positive frame of mind? Somehow, that things are improving somewhere along the line?

Just praying that it does.

Yesterday I saw someone who had something white stuck in her hair. As soon as I spotted it, I couldn’t look away. I was curious as to whether it was the latest trend, bird poo, or simply a mistake.

When I got an opportunity, I took her aside and said something. It turned out to be hair wax, that just hadn’t been rubbed in properly. Better than bird poo. And less smelly.

But I was thinking about it. Would I have been embarassed, had that been me having walked around all morning with something so obvious and no one saying anything? Or would I have been more embarassed to have been taken aside?

I remember coming out of the loos once with my skirt tucked into my knickers, and when one of my friends pulled it down again and pointed our that my bum was on show, feeling hideously embarassed.

But don’t we just have to laugh these things off, like the lady did for me? Something to to with growing a thick skin. And not turning in on myself when I get the first opportunity.

But seriously, why do birds like pooing on people?